Thursday, May 04, 2006


Celebrate in the dimness
with your shadow
and imagine yourself
with her
Wistful in the musings
of a cigarette smoking man
your eyes are clear now
and your smile
a bit tired

The candles are lit
but there's no one to blow them out
Your reason is now heightened by age
It's your special day
yet you choose to stay clear
of the celebration
and i wonder why


undoy said...

*poof!* beket keye en-lebebe se lette?! ;-D

curiouskitty said...


bday nya nga pala kase may friendster cake sya eh. :-)

i'm still wondering how he got there. heeh.

sa bday ko tutulaan mo din ba ko?

bugtong pwede rin . hehe.

wanderlust junkie said...

randoll : de eto labs. crash lang. hahaha.

kits: i keep wondering too. ob cors, sa bday mo, sasayawan pa kita! ;-)

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